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Franchisor Business Plan Example ONLY



This is a sample outline for a business plan to be used by a start-up operation to request funding.

It is also possible, to use the template for existing businesses and those not pursuing funding.

Feel free to add, subtract, and rearrange as is appropriate to your business and writing style.

(If you do delete sections, make sure that the information involved either does not apply to your business or is addressed sufficiently in other sections of the plan.)


Complete this section at the end.

Use this section to summarize the major points to be addressed in the rest or the plan. You can follow the outline for the rest of the plan for the format of your executive summary. If you do, summarize each subsection with a bullet-point sentence or two.


A. Sources of Funds
How much money will you need? From what sources? Under what terms?

B. Uses of Funds
How will you use the money? Begin with a table that outlines the major use of funds categories (such as building purchase, build-out, equipment, franchise fees, working capital reserves, etc.) and amounts required, then follow it up with a paragraph or two describing each use of funds category in greater detail. If possible, explain how the expenditure will help you become more profitable. (For example, if you are buying inventory, explain how much revenue that inventory can support. If purchasing real estate, calculate the estimated rent expense saved over the life to the loan.)

Franchisor Business Plan
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