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Franchise Sales Brochure – Sample Text

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Franchise Sales Document – Sample Text

ABC Company

Franchise Sales Brochure



The worlds population is changing, people are living longer and birth rates are falling. The Age shift is a global phenomenon; The Age shift offers new opportunities for business. By planning now, we can position ourselves to exploit the opportunities and meet the challenges. Source Foresight Study – The Age Shift

The Age shift represents a fundamental change in the economy; People themselves are living longer and healthier lives. Pensioners and the labour force of 2020 have already been born; if we update our attitudes and embrace the challenges of a maturing population there is much to be gained.

The maturing population has and will generate major switches in the pattern of demands. In particular, the mature population will;

1) Rely on consuming services rather than goods.

2) Demand more flexible work practices.

3) The choices to make their own decisions in life

The mature worker today has redefined traditional concepts of loyalty, job satisfaction and career advancement. A more entrepreneurial approach to work has given them ‘a leaner and meaner work ethic.’ In many ways it is the result of corporate downsizing and an upsurge of outsourcing.

If the corporate world does not change its current work structure to a more flexible arrangement and accommodate the mature population there may be significant losses within a few years.

Franchising is one method of adapting to this Age Shift and incorporating more flexible work practices. Unlike traditional employment franchising provides the prime opportunity to a more flexible approach to the traditional work ethics.

Enabling the mature population to be in the driving seat, enjoying the choices in life.

ABC is a franchise system, which has capitalised on the growing changes of the population and the multi billion-dollar service and supply industry.

Franchising is now the fuel for expansion of the ABC System. Franchising is massive, making it now difficult to imagine a main street, the local shopping centre, or a local council area without franchised outlets.

The continued growth will be driven by a number of factors –

Its close association with the rapid developing services sector,

Its ability to exploit and service niche markets,

The age shift in population,

The increasing demand for convenience and standardised quality and the increasingly difficult business environment for independent small business operations.

Corporate downsizing and contracted-out business activities are a part of the reason employment in business services has grown so rapidly. Activities previously done within firms are now accomplished externally by other businesses that specialise in these functions; this places ABC in a prime position for future business services.

The world is a sophisticated market and the increasingly mobile consumer has come to depend on and appreciate the consistent quality of franchised products and services. The ability to easily recognize a franchise guarantees that there will be no surprises or disappointments and assures that a ‘bigger back up force’ exists.

Preface – Your Opportunity

Decided to make a new start? Have capital to invest, looking to start your own business and make it grow fast? Franchising can present such an opportunity. The chance to start your own business under the umbrella of an established unique brand and a proven business format.

The ABC franchise is a comprehensive program. Every aspect of the business is tried and tested and our support is second to none. You will be provided with all the equipment, security passes, kits, products, uniforms, stationery, training, manuals, ongoing support and most off all personal development that you and your business may require…compare the difference…

The many benefits of having an ABC franchise include:

Fully established company and clients –eliminates the FLY BY NIGHT risk

Huge Business and Corporate sector market.

No previous business experience necessary – we train you in every aspect, and provide personal development.

Your business can run as a sole operator or as a team (employing staff) to increase turnover.

The freedom for family and/or free time, without affecting your overall income.

Comfort of a business vehicle; no bulky TRAILERS or VANS.

Full training and extensive, ongoing support.

Regular ongoing client contracts.

Cutting edge advertising and marketing program – generating quality leads.

Massive growth potential.

The scope to build your business to employ others and delegate the work.

Low establishment investment.

Low ongoing costs compared to other Franchise Systems.

Enjoy time off with full back-up of support team.

Master franchises and regional franchises available World Wide.

Introducing the Unique ABC Concept

ABC is a fully integrated group of businesses, enabling the flexibility and diversity to offer clients what they require.

Commercial Cleaning Franchise

ABC commercial cleaning division is a mobile hygienic cleaning company. Specialising in cleaning of all types of corporate businesses. ABC Commercial Hygienic Cleaning was established to service what was a lack in standards and quality of traditional cleaning companies were offering to clients with regards to customer service and quality of work.

This short fall in standards was due to the fact that there were really only typical types of cleaning companies that existed, producing their own specific common problems. There are companies that are very cost effective financially but find it very difficult to offer and deliver a quality reliable professional service. Other businesses may not have the support resources and reliability to meet the requirements of customers.

Through our affiliation system of operation we have been able to bring together & create many quality assets to our company. ABC has a team of true professionals focusing on delivering a quality professional operation.

With this group of high-qualified personnel, integrating them into a cost effective quality operation has allowed us to provide our clients with the comprehensive service of commitment and transparency.

Handy People Services

A We provide a skilled and professional workforce that cover a wide range of property maintenance, DIY and installation services from repairing and installing windows and doors to stopping leaking taps and building flat packs, in fact we will even help you with your own DIY projects. We specialise in all those small jobs around the home as well as the larger jobs such as kitchen and bathroom installations and complete property refurbishments. ABC is the only resource you need for all your properties maintenance, installation and DIY requirements.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing a quality property maintenance and handyman service at an affordable price, our charges are low and affordable than the industry standard, combine this with a good service and you can see why the majority of our customers use us time and time again.

Bookkeeping and Administration Franchise

The contract bookkeeping and ABC support market may be worth as much as $ 30 Billion per annum by the year 2005.

ABC provides a broadly based, highly skilled and reasonably priced on-site service facility to take a position in the marketplace which is currently unoccupied. In the same way that take-away food migrated from individual fish and chip and hamburger shops to chains of fast food stores, the outsourced service sector is poised for ABC™ to establish a branded, nation-wide capability which will occupy the volume segment of this market.

Business – Why we are the ABC service leaders

ABC has the infrastructure in place to ensure we remain the best in the field, that together we have created. ABC is the only leading mobile ABC and home service company. Teamed with our other divisions, we occupy a position in the market that no other organization does.

The main target markets for ABC is any person, corporation or business that utilises services - corporate companies, government associations, small and large business and homes, all of which use services. The day-to-day growing reliance on services is ever expanding, something that will only increase in the years to come.

Industry Trends

Workforce Trends

According to a Study by Spherion Corporation in conjunction with Louis Harris & Associates, Inc., there is a new worker emerging today – one who has redefined traditional concepts of loyalty, job satisfaction and career advancement. In many ways it is the result of downsizing and an upsurge of outsourcing.

This “emerging” worker spans across all age groups, industries and regions and is expected to represent the majority of the workforce in the near future.

The study continues to state that: driven by a unique set of values, the Emerging Workforce is creating new career opportunities and presenting traditional companies with significant human resource challenges.

ABC Products and Advantages

Product – The niche market

ABC system is both a product and service provider, unique to many small business operations.

Your service is SERVICE! Business Owners will conduct regular calls to homes, the main benefit to your clients will save them money and time.

Stock and Suppliers – ABC

ABC over the years has established sound relationships with major suppliers and manufacturers. This ensures that the best product is purchased or manufactured at the best possible price.

You will be able to buy direct from ABC or suppliers at special prices. You will be shown how to control your stock and maximise your investments.

Your ABC Franchise Business

Rights to the ABC Name, Image and Trade Marks

We have created our own unique image and business name; These names clearly identify your business and the quality product you represent. Customers quickly recognise the meaning of our names and the quality of products and services associated with the names.

Security – ABC earns respect…

Because of the nature of the ABC business and its clients all business owners must undertake a Police Check prior to business purchase.

A 3M High Security identification pass and access control card must be worn at all times. This is supplied as part of your franchise package. The respect you will receive from our corporate image will far out weigh any previous employment or business position.

Your Local Advertising and Marketing Fund

A local Advertising and Marketing areas have been established to promote your business and the range of products and services you provide. This co-operative fund allows us as a network to take advantage of media opportunities such as Television, Radio, Newspaper Advertising etc, not normally financially viable to the independent business operator.

Together with our Brand Recognition Fund, you will always be assured of a leading edge marketing campaign.

Your Competitive Advantage

ABC enjoys many unique competitive advantages within the market place. We are the leaders in ABC services.

What the customer thinks is influenced by what they see.

Our Marketing and Promotions program ensures ongoing regular customers and profit, therefore unlimited profit potential.

Of course exactly how we go about this is strictly confidential company information. However, we will be happy to disclose the business operations in more detail if you are accepted to the next stage.

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